Real Food America (logo)

America’s Public Housing Residents

Our goal is to provide healthy and nutritious, or “real food," to children and families living in government-owned and sponsored affordable housing communities. We do so while providing educational opportunities on nutrition and health designed to provide the tools for success that all of America's children deserve. A key objective of Real Food America is to inform families of the importance of what is in their diet and why they should care.

Another goal of the effort is to ensure the stability of the pantry over time. We will work closely with the respective housing authorities to identify residents who become invested in the success of the pantry and in turn develop skills that become useful in seeking employment opportunities. We will also partner with local businesses, non-profits, existing university nutrition programs and individuals who care about improving conditions for the residents of the community to guarantee that food and manpower are not in short supply.

Sustainable Food Systems

Real Food America is working with Sustainable Food Systems to assist in the creation and management of the EnVision Center facility. Sustainable Food Systems is comprised of nutrition experts who have been praised by the Wall Street Journal for their success in creating a sustainable and healthy dining experience on the Yale University campus and elsewhere.

We strongly believe the residents of our nation’s public housing will benefit directly by having access to the on-site healthy dining choices, at costs affordable to them that Real Food America will provide.