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Providing affordable, healthy and nutritious food to children and families living in government-owned and sponsored affordable housing communities.

For too many Americans living in public housing, a well-balanced, nutritious and affordable diet is simply not available. For children living in public housing this can lead to a variety of issues like stunted academic achievement, obesity and other related health issues.

Academically, unhealthy eating habits among students can cause decreased school attendance leading to increased dropout rates and severe behavioral problems. Students’ cognitive skills and attitudes, including concentration, memory, and mood, are adversely impacted when they do not have proper nutrition leading to lowered class grades, standardized test scores and graduation rates.

Physically, poor diet has a direct relationship to obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and other health concerns which impacts not only the individual and their family members but places unnecessary strains on an already overburdened health care system.

Real Food America was created to address a social challenge: access to real food for all Americans, including those in public housing. Real Food America is not a new government program. All our activities are funded through private donations. Components of Real Food America include a demonstration and teaching kitchen, a retail café, and a pantry of fresh food ingredients.

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